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Goodies from the Heart

Goodies from the Heart is a community and volunteer supported program. The program was implemented by a group of women at Day of Grace Baptist Church and has quickly grown with many other churches and organizations becoming involved.More than 60% of the children in Union County school system receive free or reduced lunch.


A large number of these children depend on the school meals as their primary source of food and therefore do not have sufficient food over the weekend. That’s why Day of Grace Baptist Church along with other churches and other organizations in our community have created this weekend food program, which sends school-aged children home with healthy, convenient meals and healthy snacks on Fridays. We presently serve more than 100 students in Union County, Georgia: Union County primary, elementary, middle school, high school, Pre-K/ Head-start, and the Alternative Education program.


A typical bag will contain items such as macaroni and cheese, cereal, oatmeal, crackers, juice, and granola bars. The packs are assembled by volunteers every week and delivered to the schools on Friday for discreet distribution.

Women’s Ministry


Our women’s group is here to enrich the lives of the women of the church as well as women in the community.  We work together to serve the elderly, mothers, and children in need.  With the help of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we can accomplish our missions for our church as well as our community. 


We meet once a month to discuss needs and activities.  Our women enjoy fellowship with one another through dinners, conferences, and many other events.  Young and old alike find common ground through their desire to serve and work together.


Sunday School

We have weekly Sunday school classes for all ages. Teachers prepare weekly to teach the Bible and help increase the overall knowledge of the Word of God. This is the place we hope you can increase your understanding the most (besides personal devotion).  


Day of Grace encourages all members and visitors to take part in this program to become more integrated into our church family.

Youth Ministry


Our youth program is continually growing.  We have a yearly Bible camp for the children to grow in Christ and enjoy a week of fun with one another.  Day of Grace has a youth choir as well as Wednesday night classes.  


With events like our fall festival and a yearly lock-in happening often, we keep them excited and motivated.  The children of Day of Grace are loving and compassionate with a Zeal for Christ that adults can learn from.


Summer Bible Camp has ended for 2017:  See you all in 2018!  Camp is open to all Children

ages 7-18 years of age.  

A re-cap video of our 2017 Camp is coming soon! See some pictures below.       



Need a Ride? 










Day of Grace does not want  you to have to miss church for need of a ride.  If you know you will be needing a ride, just let us know and we will make sure we find one for you!

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