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In the spirit of the blog, I wanted to go ahead and write something instead of leaving the generic words that Wix had. First of all, I am not the pastor--I hope to turn it over to him eventually, but we will see. I want to thank all of the leadership at D.O.G. (Day of Grace) for being open to use the web for promoting Christ and Church. In a world where technology is so readily available we need to use it for God. Lord knows theres plenty of bad on there, but you wont fix it by running from it. We need to even the playing field! We need to put more positive content on there and then when your child does a search, if the first 1000 pages are filled with content from people who want to inpact others in a positive way, then you dont have to stress over what he or she stumbles upon in the first few. Run-on sentence I know! Anyway, please come back to this blog often and I will try to make sure and load it with lots of run on sentences, but no bad stuff! M.I.

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